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MARINA's High-nrg Fitness Treadmill Workouts - MP3 Downloads are perfect for all levels of fitness. Fun and effective - the best downloadable MP3 cardio treadmill workouts available for walking and running. Let MARINA help you reach your lifetime fitness goal.

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"I Love My Treadmill"

One of the best and simplest ways to get that cardio in, is to walk. I love my teadmill. I have owned the same one since 1989. A basic treadmill that has miles per hour is all I need to get that walk in everyday. I pop on my headphones and listen to one of my programs to motivate myself to keep going. Get that beat going Honey and put one foot in front of the other. I start at 3.0 MPH for the first 5:00 minutes of my walk and then boost it up to a steady 4.0 MPH for 30:00 minutes.

Walking or running to music is an easy way to get that energy up and feel the beat. My programs come complete with original music and motivating lyrics by moi.

Try these simple tips as you walk on your treadmill:
• Let your mind drift while you laugh with me and have fun.
• Listen to information I give you while I sing to you and keep your feet in motion.
• Every now again check your posture and alignment and grove to the beat while you walk.
• Drop those shoulders and smile while you are bopping to my songs in every program.
• Enjoy every step.

While I love to walk outside and get fresh air, the weather does not always permit that outside walk. A treadmill is a perfect way to incorporate an everyday walk into your life. Check out online deals for treadmills as you will surely find one that is affordable. Different sizes are available online and you are sure to find a treadmill that is perfect for you!. And don't forget to check out all the free samples of my programs at the top of this page.

Have fun, and as always,

Never Stop Movin'!

treadmill workouts treadmill workouts

MARINA's Treadmill Workout Music Samples

All of these songs are available on the Treadmill Workouts at the top of this page

"Wilkomen" - Click here for a free sample - also available on Treadmill Workout #11
"Sweet Curiosity" - Click here for a free sample - also available on Workout #13
"Lift Me Up" - Click here for a free sample - also available on Workout #14
"Livin' In Motion" - Click here for a free sample - also available on Workout #17
"Say That You Love Me" - Click here for a free sample - also available on Workout #20
"Shambhala" - Click here for a free sample = also available on Workout #26
"Dont Ya Let It Get Ya" - Click here for a free sample - also available on Workout #39
"Love Is Sure To Find You" - Click here for a free sample - also available on Workout #42

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"Put A Little Bounce In Your Step!"

As the days go on with more of the same gloom and doom information coming over the air waves regarding our economy, I have decided to dish out a bit of positive energy. Put a little Bounce in Your Step! Oh, I don't just mean in terms of physically. Now as a mom of 3 kids who has lost 100 pounds writing and producing over 400 songs for the fitness community, I do encourage you to walk, run, or do any cardio activity you might choose daily. Well, how about emotionally? Not easy these days, I know. Not easy to feel that bounce and light hearted feeling when everyday we are seeing those around us that have lost their jobs or others who are hanging on by the skin of their teeth waiting for that pink slip.

Try this:
• Stand up right at your computer.
• Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth
• Feet are hip's width apart
• Weight is forward on the balls of your feet
• Drop those shoulders, abdominals in and up!

Ahhhh!!!! Think about it! The mere fact that you could just do what I asked should give you an energetic lift. Do I sound too idealistic? a bit insipid? Ha! Well, maybe.

Pass it on. Help each other. Bounce it along. Do something good for you. Smile and keep swinging the bat. Pass this onto a friend then pop on those head phones.

Click here for a free sample of my song "Put A Little Bounce In Your Step!" and get on up, walk in place right at your computer while you listen. "Put A Little Bounce In Your Step!" is also featured in Treadmill Workout #26.

Enjoy and as always,

Never Stop Movin'!

treadmill workouts treadmill workouts

The Best Treadmill Workouts of 2012

Read what customers say about MARINA´s Treadmill Workouts

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MARINA´s Treadmill Workouts are great for getting pumped and full of the energy that you need for a solid cardiovascular routine! With various levels and types of treadmill exercises, MARINA will get you on your feet and moving. I lost 37 lbs. by following her various treadmill walking, jogging, and running workouts and had so much fun while doing them! The more and more you listen to MARINA, she will motivate you to reach your goal and get into shape fast. Amazing motivation, amazing music, and an amazing woman!
- Samantha T.

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If you are looking for an out of the ordinary workout routine that will get you into shape, then you have come to the right place! MARINA has over 1,200 different programs to choose from, ranging from sitting workouts to fast and exhilarating cardio trials. Every time I listen to MARINA, I become perplexed by her way of reaching inside of your soul and pushing you to exercise as hard as possible. With high-energy dance music written by MARINA along with her workout narration, she will make you want to loose weight and have fun while doing it!
- Carlos H.

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MARINA's High-nrg Fitness Music & Workout Routines

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