America For Life - What A Day!

How incredible that we are alive at a time to see this. All possibilities.
No matter how tough the year has been with no doubt more tough days ahead, we go on. We have seen a moment in history that will forever change our country.

Hold onto your health. For life is precious.
No matter what your own personal beliefs, no matter what your personal choice is, we all need our health.
 I urge you to move your body, walk, run or do any cardio workout activity you might choose. America For Life!

Stay well and as always…
Never Stop Movin’

Are You Ready To Seize the Day? …. “Carpe Diem!”

As a 50 year old working mother who has lost 100 pounds and has three children now ages 15, 17 & 22, I am now more than ever on a mission to promote the importance of education. Musical “edutainment” is where I have been focusing my attention while writing, recording and producing Health & Fitness programming. Who does not want to be entertained? Aren’t we more likely to focus in on a subject when it is presented to us in an entertaining fashion?

I recently wrote a song called “Carpe Diem” at a tempo of 162 beats per minute for cardio activities. Take a listen to it and do something good for your health as you listen.

Walk, run or do any cardio activity you might choose.
You can even simply just get up and walk in place right at your computer!

Come on are you ready to seize the day?
No matter what they say
getting it your own way
come on and take it now.
Let me remind you

let go the chains that bind you
you’re going to get there

come one let yourself go!"

Making the most of your life and opening up your mind to new situations everyday.
Seize every opportunity with a feeling of positiveness.
Stay well and as always…
Never Stop Movin’!

Stay Tuned for More Blogs by MARINA!

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Please check with your doctor before beginning any health and fitness program.


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