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MARINA's Audio Book "I'm Steppin' Out" (...confessions of a Food-A-Holic) offers you an inside look at MARINA's life from childhood to that of a working mother balancing work, fitness and family.
Narrated by MARINA and includes her High-nrg Fitness diet tips, recipes and many of her chart topping hits.
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"Food-a-Holics... are you Hiding in the Shadows?"

My name is MARINA and I am a Food-a-Holic! Well, to those of you that struggle with any addiction, you know all too well that the first step is to say these words openly to yourself before you can attack the problem head on. Oh sure, maybe you are one, like myself, that manages to get up every morning and perform at peak performance no matter what that is. A job... working out on your treadmill, being a parent... making those sandwiches packed in a nice brown paper bag that you hand the kids before you drive them off to school.

Now you might say... "food?. Certainly not the same as being addicted to booze or pills." To that I say, hmm... yeah it is. To those of us that have food being our drug of choice, with overeating being triggered by all those addictive buttons, this remains our illness.

Not all buttons that are pushed are always from a negative situation. As a self proclaimed food-a-holic, I have found that the excuse to give into my addiction may be stimulated by something fun or wonderful! A happy event. See? To those of us that are burdened with this over weight thing, we pig out when we are sad and we pig out when we are happy. Everything is a party!

Take a deep breath. Honesty to you! For most of the time we want to hide from problems. All problems. That desire to just curl up in a ball in bed armed with that box of chocolate chip cookies and hide from ourselves. Hiding in the Shadows. Know that you are not alone in these feelings. There are so many of us out there. That is the beauty and grace of being able to write, social network and share with others and know that there are millions of people that are torn by their own addictions whatever they may be.

Do something positive for you today. Hear my voice. I am here. Write to me too. As I have stated to you before, I thank you all for being at my fingertips. I thank you all for lending your ears to my words both in text as well as in music and song.

At a tempo of 90 beats per minute, this song is for all of you! As my lyrics sing.... "searching for yourself alone, you've been Hiding In the Shadows, don't you go and hide there no more" ... for I am here for you! Always!

Stay well and remember...

Never Stop Movin'!

Click here for a free sample of my song "Hiding In The Shadows!"

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