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What do I need to get started?
What music equipment do I need?
iPod or MP3 Player
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Computer Speakers
Internet Connection
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What do I need to get started?   [Top ]

You should have your doctor’s approval before starting any fitness program. After that it’s easy. All you will need is a comfortable pair of shoes or sneakers, your computer, CD or MP3 player, such as an Apple iPod nano, and MARINA’s MP3 Workouts. You can use MARINA’s MP3 Workouts in your house while watching TV, walk or ride a bike outside in your neighborhood or park, or in the gym on a treadmill, stationary bike, stair climber, rebounder or circuit training equipment. It’s fun, It’s easy, and it works.

What music equipment do I need?   [Top ]

To get the most out of MARINA’s Workouts you use either a portable MP3 player or CD player, the speakers in your computer or your home stereo system. MARINA’s Workouts were specially developed to be used with any audio playback system – doesn’t matter if its through speakers or headphones.

MP3 PLAYERS   [Top ]

There are many different MP3 players available. The more workouts you store on your MP3 player, the more room you’ll need on it. For a fourty minute power walk with MARINA’s Workouts, you’ll use about 40 Mbs. The more storage your player has, the more varied your workouts will be. MARINA’s Pre-Loaded Apple iPod nano holds up to 8 Gigabytes of data, enough to hold a gigantic music and workout library.

CD PLAYER   [Top ]

Make sure that your CD player has the Anti-Skip feature of at least 60 seconds. You won’t want to miss a beat as you bop your weight away. We may make a custom CD just for you so make sure it can play 'home made' CD-Rs. Almost all newer CD players are CD-R compatible. If you have ever burned your own music CD and it worked in your CD player, this will do.

Computer Speakers   [Top ]

MARINA’s Workouts will play through your computer speakers too, just like your regular music. Just download a workout, import it into your music player such as iTunes or Windows Media Player and you're ready to go right at home.

Internet Connection   [Top ]

If you connect to the Internet on any high speed connection such as DSL or Cable Modem, then by all means purchase the MP3s. They will download quickly and you will be on your way to a better you - fast. If you connect to the Internet with a dial-up connection, we recommended that you buy the Audio Workout CDs and not the MP3s. MARINA’s MP3 Workout files average 10 to 30 megabytes each and can take an extended time to download over a dial up connection. We have the capacity to handle many visitors at once but If your internet provider has limited bandwidth it could corrupt your download.

Computer Hardware   [Top ]

If you do not have an MP3 player but have a high speed Internet connection and a CD burner, you can download MP3s and create your own CD using any one of several types of free MP3 software (such as iTunes or Windows Media). If you do not know how to download or burn a CD, visit our Help Section. We will guide you through the process. It is a very easy to do. You can also just use the speakers on your computer and workout at home. Or you can just purchase MARINA’s Pre-Loaded Apple iPod nano.

Audio Book Help   [Top ]

MARINA's Confessions Of A Food-A-Holic Audio Book is downloaded as a zip file. In the zip file are the 22 mp3 book chapters. To "unzip" the book, use a program like Stuffit Expander