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MARINA's High-nrg Fitness Elliptical Workouts are great for all levels of fitness. This fabulous selection of over 30 MP3 Elliptical Fitness Exercises include chart topping music and motivational instruction by celebrity personal trainer MARINA.

MARINA's MP3 Elliptical Workout exercises are so effective, you will get the best cardio workout of your life and lose weight fast. Tempo ranges are listed next to every workout.

Click on each program to hear samples. Available as Downloads only.

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MARINA's Elliptical Workouts

MARINA's Musical Health Blog

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"Mixing Up My Cardio Routines With An Elliptical Trainer"

When I go to the gym I like to mix up my cardio routines. Elliptical workout machines, or "Elliptical Trainers" are a great choice and work muscles all over your body. Elliptical Trainers come both with and without handles and are easy on your knees without all that pounding that can sometimes come with other types of cardio choices. My Elliptical Workout Programs come complete with music and instructions by moi and are fun and easy to do.

Some people have told me that when they see an Elliptical Trainer at the gym they do not know how to work them and are embarrassed to ask someone to help them. Do not worry. Simply get on up on the Elliptical Trainer and push the button that says "resistance" down until the peddles go around at a comfortable pace. My Elliptical Programs are good for all levels of fitness. To increase the resistance simply push the "up" button to make the peddles a bit harder to peddle.

My Elliptical Programs will help you stay entertained and distracted. No boredom here! Music and fun information will keep you on that Elliptical Trainer longer than you think. It is not typical it is Elliptical! You will love my Musical programs!

Click here to take a quick listen to a free sample of my song "Elliptical Illusion". Perfect for mixing up your cardio.
The full song is on Elliptical Workout #16 in the workout list at the top of this page.

Good luck, and as always,

Never Stop Movin'!

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MARINA's Elliptical Workout Music Samples

All of these songs are available on the Elliptical Workouts at the top of this page

"Typical" - Click here for a free sample - also available on Elliptical Workout #1
"Another Day Goes By" - Click here for a free sample - also available on Elliptical Workout #3
"Passionate Lies" - Click here for a free sample - also available on Elliptical Workout #6
"The Tenderin Kind" - Click here for a free sample - also available on Elliptical Workout #7
"Letting Go" - Click here for a free sample - also available on Elliptical Workout #8
"Le Bas" - Click here for a free sample - also available on Elliptical Workout #13
"City Lights" - Click here for a free sample - also available on Elliptical Workout #22
"You're My Obession" - Click here for a free sample - also available on Elliptical Workout #24

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"Are You Ready To Seize the Day? .... "Carpe Diem!"

As a 50 year old working mother who has lost 100 pounds and has three children now ages 15, 17 & 22, I am now more than ever on a mission to promote the importance of education.

Musical "edutainment" is where I have been focusing my attention while writing, recording and producing Health & Fitness programming. Who does not want to be entertained? Aren't we more likely to focus in on a subject when it is presented to us in an entertaining fashion?

I recently wrote a song called "Carpe Diem" at a tempo of 162 beats per minute for cardio activities. Take a listen to it and do something good for your health as you listen. Walk, run on a treadmill or do any cardio activity you might choose. You can even simply just get up and walk in place right at your computer! The lyric reads:

Come on are you ready to seize the day?
No matter what they say
getting it your own way
come on and take it now.
let me remind you
let go the chains that bind you
you're going to get there
come one let yourself go!

Making the most of your life and opening up your mind to new situations everyday. Seize every opportunity with a feeling of positiveness. Stay well and as always...

Never Stop Movin'!

Click here for a free sample of my song "Carpie Diem!" and get on up, walk in place right at your computer while you listen. "Carpie Diem!" is also featured in Elliptical Workout #19.

Enjoy and as always,

Never Stop Movin'!

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The Best Elliptical Workouts of 2012

Read what customers say about MARINA´s Elliptical Workouts

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The elliptical is my favorite workout machine in the gym and to have these amazing programs specifically made for it is an absolute pleasure. MARINA, you have such a talent for getting people into shape and I thank you for creating this wonderful series of elliptical workouts! They have helped me so much with getting motivated to get to the gym. Every day, I look forward to listening to you and pushing out some sweat and energy on the elliptical. Thank you MARINA and I will continue to stay loyal as a fan to your work! Never stop moving!
- Cindy L.

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I have tried so many ways to get this fat off of me. I have brought all sorts of dietary supplements, all brands of exercise products, and even hired an elliptical trainer to motivate me. Unfortunately, none of these worked. I kept finding myself in a state of depression because I could not get off my butt to get to the gym. However, I found these programs to work wonders on my body. I would find myself not even fitting into a size 10 when I decided to pick up these tracks. Now, I am down to a fabulous size 6 all thanks to MARINA. Do not hesitate, buy these programs today!
- Sarah K.

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What a great way to get in shape. MPe programs targeted specifically for elliptical fitness? That is a great idea! I love the elliptical and these are just what I was looking for. Thank you MARINA!
- Kenny D.

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MARINA, you have been such an inspiration to my life. Your music is catchy and energetic, exciting and always gets me in the mood to work out. I have never enjoyed working out on the elliptical so much before. These elliptical workouts are just what I needed to give me a boost in the right direction. Keep making these so that I can buy them and listen to them. I love you and everything that you stand for. You are the elliptical fitness goddess and I hope that one day I can meet you in person. Thank you for everything!
- Seimi Q.

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As a fitness freak I must say, these are some of the best elliptical workouts I have ever heard! They get you up and moving, they are full of energy and passion, and they are entertaining and fun all in one package. You are a fool if you do not take advantage of this opportunity. I have been an elliptical trainer for a few years now and these programs are perfect for what I do! Ranging in different bpms for different levels of workout is a great idea and is definitely an innovative way of looking at music for a workout routine. As an enthusiast for elliptical fitness, I must say that what MARINA has done is absolutely wonderful for any person of any level. I highly recommend these elliptical workouts to anyone ready to get in shape and have fun while doing it.
- Sandy J.

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Hi Marina,
Hope you are having a good weekend.
I finally feel better, so I got on my Elliptical Trainer and did an intense 30 minutes to your program - awesome I tell you!!! Absolutely awesome!!!
My heart rate stayed up higher than usual due to your great music and motivation - I just loved it!!! Then, I did some core work and loved that body sculpting program too! Thank you for motivating me today!!!
- Judy K
Professional Fitness Trainer

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MARINA's High-nrg Fitness Music & Workout Routines

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